Temporary Route Openings Due to Current Weather Challenges

Posted on: February 8, 2024

There has been some temporary openings of trails to help with our current weather challenges. In the Arbor Vitae and Woodruff area, you will be able to use Rudolph Rd and some temp trails to get to Qwik Trip, Pruess’s, Slo’s, Wild Boar, Northfork, Murphy’s furniture and Heart II.
Basically, trail heading South from Airport rd along 51 to 70. Also, Rudolph rd from Woodruff across 70 and down thru the Cattle shoot. You will only be able to make a right turn which heads East to Slo’s, Big Arbie lake and Four Seasons.
Please follow the new signs as we attempt to get some trails and connections opened.
The railroad grade between Woodruff and Lake Tomahawk will be open temporarily. This is due to the low snow conditions. If we receive 4″ or more of snow, this will immediatly close. The exact location is along RT47 from Woodruff Road to Gritzmacher.
Please ride carefully and follow the NEW posted signs. Please don’t abuse this special opening.