Fine Violation / Crime
$312Failure to stop for law enforcement
$312Interfering with signs and standards
$174Failure to report an accident
$161ATV equipment violation
$438Refuse to take intoxicated AV test
$155Absolute sobriety under age 19
$438Operate with alcohol concentration above 0.10%
$250Operate with alcohol concentration above 0.% and under10%
$438Operate while intoxicated (1st offense)
$186Illegal operation on or in the Vicinity of Highways
$136Operate without proper headgear (under the age of 18)
$174Operate on frozen surface within 100 feet of a person or fishing shanty over 10mph
$161Operate within 150 feet of a dwelling at a speed exceeding 10 mph
$249Drive or pursue any animals
$199Transport loaded or uncased firearm
$161Operate on Indian lands without consent
$186Operating in a careless manor
$249Operating on private property without permission
$155Unlawful Rentals
$186Give permission to operate an ATV without a valid registration
$186Operating an ATV without a valid registration