Trail Info / What’s open

All Lakeland trails and routes (Vilas and Oneida County) are OPEN.

Vilas County trails opened May 1st

Oneida County trails opened May 1st

Minocqua, Woodruff, Vilas and Oneida County, Lake Tomahawk and St Germain - paved routes are open year round

Arbor Vitae and Hazelhurst - All trails and ROUTES closed on Oct 31st


Stay tuned for updates

  Please follow posted signs.   

Please do not ride on or in ditches of state roads unless its specifically marked ATV route.     Roads include 70, 51 and 47.  There are no routes to take you into downtown Minocqua.  Please don't ride into town.


What's open now?

The exact opening date for each county is determined based on several factors including weather.